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The McKenzie Method?

Our practice is the ONLY certified McKenzie Clinic in New Jersey. You’ll see that we prescribe just ONE EXERCISE AT A TIME… Making your treatment plan specific and your results understandable. It’s tailor-made for TELEHEALTH, too, as it’s more educational & empowering than standard physical therapy, and doesn’t use machines.

As Certified McKenzie clinicians at a Certified McKenzie clinic, we:

  • Teach you what’s causing your pain

  • Teach you how to make your pain go away

  • Teach you how to keep your pain from coming back

Evaluation, empowerment and education are three McKenzie Method® hallmarks that provide our patients superior results. Founded by New Zealand Physical Therapist Robin McKenzie in 1956, The McKenzie Method has been the core patient treatment strategy of Montclair Physical Therapy since 1991.

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McKenzie Study Group

For professional colleagues to study the McKenzie Method / MDT method of healthcare and pain solutions in the NYC metro area.

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What is THE McKENZIE METHOD of Pain Elimination & Prevention?

Robin McKenzie of New Zealand created not just the McKenzie Method(r) of physical therapy, but a different way of thinking about health in the modern era: a global movement of patient-centered education, research & clinical practice. It’s been an honor to be associated with the McKenzie Institute International for nearly 40 years, and a joy to share his systems with thousands of patients, hundreds of students, and dozens of Institute personnel. Enjoy his story, here:

What Sets Us Apart

As a Certified McKenzie Clinic, Montclair Physical Therapy of New Jersey provides patients, physicians and the community top-level practice of the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® in a values-driven setting. The McKenzie Method is known worldwide for effective resolution of back, neck, musculoskeletal pain and other conditions.

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