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Diagnosed nearly three years ago with a back condition that continued to worsen, I was determined to avoid surgery unless absolutely necessary. I began researching physical therapists in the North Jersey area.

In addition to his impressive credentials, Todd Edelson's philosophy and rational approach to healing resonated with me. Following my initial consultation with him, I knew I had made the right choice.

Thorough, patient and highly skilled, he took considerable time to review the findings of my NYC physicians. He readily offered to submit reports of his work with me to those specialists... his commitment to his patients' well-being is extraordinary! I also was extremely impressed by his assurance that he does not subject his patients to long term physical therapy at his clinic; his prescribed PT regimen is designed to be successfully continued at home, once it has been determined to be appropriate for the patient's condition.

In my case, after years of increasingly intense lower back pain, the exercise regimen Todd introduced to me brought almost immediate relief - a level of comfort I truly believed to be unattainable. Today his advice and counsel support my every physical activity! –Barbara Haase

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"My family and friends have been very happy with the experienced, expert, and caring Montclair Physical Therapy Associates on South Park Street. It bases its treatment on a specialized evaluation. Your care is then personalized for you, with a philosophy of your gaining healthy independence as soon as possible. The staff is well known for the McKenzie Method. The owners live in Montclair and have been part of the Montclair community for nearly 30 years. It's a happy place."--Firth Fabend

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"Four members of our family have been helped by Montclair Physical Therapy: a daughter who trained as a classical ballet dancer, another daughter who is a three-season runner, my husband, who overdoes it at the gym, and myself (to restore mobility after wrist surgery). The therapy was customized for each of us. We were carefully instructed on how to follow through with exercises on our own, so improvement could continue outside of office hours and we could return faster to our active lives."--The Finn Family

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"Todd's great; everyone should go to Montclair Physical Therapy."--Glenn Hersh

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"Just to let you know...the knees complain but they work. The back is almost never a problem
anymore, and a quick return to stretches is an immediate fix. The ankle, ditto. Finally, will go
to my LAST military (35 years) this March. Without Montclair Physical Therapy Associates, I
would not have made it to the end. You CAN quote me."--Tom Malek-Jones

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Patricia Regenberg