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Testimonials from Our Community

"Todd is my go-to guy. As I get older and want to do everything I did when I was younger, he helps me work through and correct my ailments. Recently, I came to Todd on a Monday with back pain and a tennis match scheduled for the weekend. He showed me techniques so that I could manage my condition and play."Ken C.

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"After fifteen months of neck pain every day and all day, [I was guided] through a series of diagnostic and therapeutic movements which reduced my pain by 90% immediately after the first session, and by 98% after the second session. Thank you, Montclair Physical Therapy...you have given me the therapeutic tools to manage this here on out."Claudia M. Cooke, MD

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John F. Mendes, M.D."Mr. Edelson and his staff have provided nothing but high quality physical therapy for our patients over many years. Especially helpful is the fact that if improvement does not occur within a short period of time, re-evaluations are prompted to prevent long, fruitless courses of physical therapy."– John F. Mendes, M.D., Montclair Orthopaedic Group

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"As an invasive cardiologist, I sought care at Montclair Physical Therapy Associates. I was experiencing severe lower back pain and had read that cardiologists can experience such pain as a result of performing certain invasive procedures. These procedures require that the cardiologist performing the procedure wear a protective lead vest. The weight of the lead, worn while standing, can cause back injuries over time. I read about the McKenzie Method as a treatment for such injuries in the current cardiology literature – simply by coincidence while doing other research. I learned that the McKenzie Method had provded back pain relief for many who had unsuccessfully tried other methods and has often eliminated the need for surgery. I had tried numerous other treatment options, which were not effective.

Based on my own research, I selected Montclair Physical Therapy Associates. From the first phone call I made to them, they were a professional, efficient, thorough and complete treatment center. My treatment over the past several months confirms that Montclair was the right choice for me. The care is personal. Dr. Edelson, my therapist, listens to my concerns and lifestyle/work limitations and effectively tailors the program to my needs.

The McKenzie Method has significantly reduced and in some cases eliminated the pain I had been experiencing. My experience at Montclair Physical Therapy has been that they are expert in using this technique. I would recommend them without reservation. "–Donald A. McCord, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.P., F.S.C.A.I.

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“Earlier this Spring, I strained muscles that I feared would hinder –or even force me to cancel–a long planned walking trip I had planned to take with my son. I went to see Todd, as I do on the infrequent occasions when I have issues of this sort. I was worried: the trip was 6 weeks away and I was in a lot of pain. But, I was also reassured–both by Todd’s usual, calm, and reassuring tone and by his encouragement that, if I faithfully did the exercises he gave me, I would have no problem on the walk. So, 6 weeks later, I found myself in Northern Spain, a knapsack on my back and about to take a 150 mile walk across Northern Spain on the ancient pilgrimage route called the Camino de Santiago. Todd’s care and exercises he gave me did the trick and I had a fabulous pain free experience. I cannot recommend Todd highly enough for anyone in need of evidence based, results originated, physical therapy. And, I highly recommend everyone do the Camino with a loved one -- it is a wonderful experience!”–Aaron Back

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Biking the national parks“Thank you so much for your help with my shin splints…I was really worried that I might have to take a week or two off. But after…I did your stretches…in two days it was 100% better and…didn’t bother me for the rest of my hike. Forever grateful…”

“Going on holidays is always a great period of the year, there is no doubt on that, right? However, it was just impossible for us to foresee the holidays we were going to spend. Victoria and I went to three National Parks in Wyoming and Montana: Grand Teton, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. It was one of the greatest trips we have ever made, and many reasons contributed to that: the fantastic landscapes, the amazing wilderness, the unbelievable wildlife all over the parks...We went camping, and spend most of the time doing trekking and hiking activities (biking too!), which gave us the chance to contemplate the magisterial wilderness – mountains, geysers, valleys, canyons, forests, river falls - and to enjoy the amazing wildlife all over the place: bear, elk, moose, mountain goats, coyotes, deer, marmots and others…ah! and of course, the gripping buffalos!

The feeling of not only being close but being part of the nature was really a gift. Remarkably, during the trip, I had to manage a physical condition –lower back pain - in order to be able to do the trekking and hiking activities. But in fact, I was able to with a very simple and quite effective exercise –backward bending three to four times per day- that my friend Todd taught me. Thank you Todd!”–Sebastian

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