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Certified McKenzie Clinic for Conservative Spine, Orthopaedic and Neurological Care

About Montclair Physical Therapy

With offices in Cedar Grove and Manhattan, Montclair Physical Therapy marries a unique brand of values-driven, patient-centered care to a most effective method of evaluation, treatment, and prevention: the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy ®. The mission of Montclair Physical Therapy is to provide the best possible physical therapy services for its patients through skill-based, not time-based, care. For example, ninety percent of our low back pain patients resolve their case in, on average, fewer than six visits.

In Cedar Grove, 388 Pompton Avenue, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

Todd A. Edelson, PT, DPT, Dip. MDT, owner, is a Diplomate of the McKenzie Institute International, a medical institute focusing on effective, conservative treatment of spine and extremity pain. His academic credentials include:

A boutique healthcare practice located in convenient Cedar Grove, our office features private treatment rooms and a warm, personal gym. This Certified McKenzie Clinic offers a full line of McKenzie supplies and equipment.

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Cedar Grove Appointments/Payment/Finances:

Fees are $250 for your initial evaluation, and $125 for each subsequent follow-up visit in your case. We are aligned with insurance processing norms and can provide you with a claim form in order to seek reimbursement under the terms of your plan. We are not 'in-network' with any plans, but are Medicare Participating Providers. Appointments are scheduled Monday through Thursday, with early morning and later evening appointments available. Unsure about making this healthcare decision? Contact us for a complimentary, fifteen-minute consultation.

Tod Edelson, PT, DPT, Dip. MDT

Todd A. Edelson, PT, DPT, Dip. MDT